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Issue 4
Reset Your Legal Compass
Legal stuff every freelancer needs to know.
  • What is copyright?
  • How to write client agreements
  • DMCA explained
  • Should VFX unionize?
Issue_3_CoverIssue 3
Techie vs. Artist
Learn about the technical subjects you need to know to make it in the biz.
  • Linear workflow demystified
  • Video codecs and when to use them
  • Cyber threat safety
Issue_2_CoverIssue 2
Using Social Media to Get Work
So you've got a Facebook page. So what? Learn about the many ways you can use social media to effectively promote yourself, all for free.FREE$0.99
Cover_Issue_1_smIssue 1
Making it as a Freelancer
What are the habits of successful freelancers? A demo reel isn't as important as you think.FREE$0.99


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ArrogantThings Clients Say
From Issue 2, get these outrageous things clients say.
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CalculatorHow Much Should I Charge?
From Issue 2, how to figure out your rates to keep clients happy and still make enough for yourself.
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