Understanding the VFX Crisis

Big VFX studios declaring bankruptcy left and right! What’s going on? The causes seem to be bullying by movie studios and lack of organization within our ranks, but what’s the solution?

The three top solutions I’ve seen are:

  • Form a CG/VFX union. There’s been lots of activity around this recently, which the next issue of CG Freelancer will cover.
  • Abolish subsidies. Getting the government to do anything is a long, hard road, and recent efforts in this direction have been thwarted.
    Tell us how subsidies have affected you personally.
  • Grow your own. VFX studios can work on their own short films and feature films. This sounds like a lot more fun than being hostage to movie studios.

To better understand these causes and solutions, I found it handy to make this flowchart. What solution do you think is best? Do you think we’ll see any of these in our lifetimes?

(click chart to enlarge and zoom)


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